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Dec 12, 2011

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AC. Adventure Club. Leighton & Christian. What a year for these two and the entire Atlantic Music Group fam! 2012 is peaking around the corner, so boys, take a deep breathe and put your helmets on cause this year is going to be monumental for you all. In terms of dubstep artists to watch out for 2012, Adventure Club is one of them to be reckoned with! Im actually in the process of writing an article about 2012 artist to be reckoned with, so you know im not fibbing ya.
Now on the flip side, but still technically on the same side, these boys are a sight to see live. If you can muster the time and scrounge up the tiny bag of change to witness these boys live, duhhh, DO IT! Jeesh, kids these days. To capture a brief snippet of the energy that AC puts out in one night alone is like witnessing Mecca for the first time. Although i’ve never witness Mecca myself, im sure the muslim readers will get my joke. Am i right guys? I’ve had the glorious opportunity of soaking in the energy twice now (Guelph 1st, London 2nd), and i don’t intend on letting the viewings to stop. Ps, the second viewing at Cobra, London was a personal energy chart topper for me. Those pretty lights do something to ya. Lets hope one of my next viewings in 2012 happen to be at Electric Daisy Carnival 2012! Without further or due…

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Metric- Collect Call (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep

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