Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem) Exclusive Interview

Nancy Whang, of LCD Soundsystem fame, was in Toronto this past Friday to spin The Mansion’s Pop Kult party at The Gladstone Hotel.  Salacious Sound caught up with Nancy before the show to talk projects, life, and cities.

LV: Nancy, welcome to Toronto!

NW: Thank you.

LVI gather you shipped up your vinyls and CDs for the show tonight at Pop Kult….what can we expect to hear at the party?

NW: Oh, the usual; DFA friendly jams, some old disco, some freestyle, some 80s pop, some electro.  The whole bag.

LV: Have you made many trips to Toronto?  Is there anything you notice about the Toronto scene that’s different from New York?

NW: I haven’t been to Toronto in awhile and I’ve only been here to play live…this is only my third time here.  I do feel like there is a lot of energy, a lot of ‘wanting’ of energy too, you know, people seem really interested in doing new things, putting together parties; just staying interesting.  I think there’s an eagerness in Toronto, and it’s different in New York.  We’re not quite so eager I think, because we’re just a little more…weary (laughs).

LV: Jaded?

NW: Maybe.  Not completely jaded.

LV: This past April, LCD Soundsystem turned down the amps after 10 years, three albums, and Pitchfork’s #2 song of the 2000s.  Obviously, you were involved closely with the LCD Soundsystem project.  How do you find life has been after LCD?

NW: It’s a lot more stationary, a lot quieter.  Since the last show, I’ve been home in New York for the last 4 or 5 months, which is the first time in maybe 4 or 5 years that I’ve spent this much time in New York.  It’s really nice to be back, to get reacquainted with the city, to see my friends again and remind them that I’m around, stuff like that.

LV: What are your current endeavors, current projects?  What are you working on right now?

NW: I’ve just been DJing here and there.  Juan Maclean and I are starting some new music together.  [Pat Mahoney] from LCD and I had started a project a couple of years ago before the last LCD tour that’s been on the backburner, that we’re both excited to get back working on that again.  I may have a project with Holy Ghost! coming up.  I’ve also done some backup vocals for them, and when they play live and I’m around, I’ll sing with them on stage.

LV Just to end things off, we’re going to do a little word association.

NW: Oh god…okay

LV: Dubstep
NW: I still don’t really know what that means

LV: Autumn
NW: Cider
LV: Mansion
NW: Pool
LV: Steve Jobs
NW: Oh…sad…
NW: Thanksgiving
LV: Turkey

LV: Nancy, thank you very much for doing this interview with Salacious Sound.  Good luck at the show, I’m looking forward to it.

NW: Thank you.

Listen to the interview
Nancy Whang interview by lvaughan

Nancy doing what she does best with The Juan Maclean.

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