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Sep 19, 2011

The vibe of Weekend Wolves is stupendous, yet mysterious.

There is no answer to the question “who are you.” It just is.

The video cuts are quite imaginative. Weekend Wolves uses clips from 50’s and 60’s films which create a very creepy aura around his tracks. Might there be a theme here?┬áIt’s as if the music has been created in a parallel universe and the video is the opposite side of its polarity. Telling a story without words, if I may put it that way.

There is definitely an element of Chillwave with this sound, but it’s darker, grittier. Epic frequency modulations, subtle guitar bends blending in the background. Weekend Wolves in an interesting character indeed.

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Weekend Wolves – The End by WEEKEND WOLVES

Weekend Wolves – Karma by WEEKEND WOLVES

Weekend Wolves – Halo by WEEKEND WOLVES

Telekinesis – Dirty Thing (Weekend Wolves Remix) by WEEKEND WOLVES

Lo Fi Fnk – Boom (Weekend Wolves Remix) by Lo-Fi-Fnk

Wolfmother – New Moon Rising (Weekend Wolves Remix) by WEEKEND WOLVES

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