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Jan 9, 2009

Between live bands with post-punk, ska, and metal dream were the Weekend Warriors. Composed of vocalist Brendan Beamish, rapper Jermaine Hamilton and Producer Mike Gonek (womanizer, drop dead beautiful) the groups stage presence resulted in an explosive crowd response. Energetic pop music that blends scorching vocals with southern hip hop sensibility over pulsing synths and bass that scream house, the Weekend Warriors sound like the love child of Lil Wayne, Steven Tyler, and Diplo. Prior to hearing the group live I did not believe the vocals on their songs were organic (without extensive post production that is). Beamish’s range is impressive and his pitch impeccable.

I look forward to great things from these upcoming artists and here are some tracks!

[audio:Weekend Warriors – Rainfall.mp3,Weekend Warriors – Mr. Right Now.mp3,Weekend Warriors – What U want.mp3,]

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