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Sep 14, 2011

Helix, the next new joint of Justice’s new album (set to drop Oct. 25) doesn’t find its feet until halfway through the second breakdown (around 2:52 out of 4:27… so pretty close to the end). When the song finally happens, It builds to a room-filling, arpeggiated… even a little triumphal climax. It then fades out almost immediately.

The instrumentation is intriguing, but the song feels as though it ought to reach a peak around 1:30… but the beats do not speed up, deepen, or change in any appreciable way from the intro. The rock influences that worked so well in Audio, Video, Disco appear to have hamstrung Helix. Where Audio, Video, Disco climaxed in what felt like a 80s guitar solo, thereby feeling like a complete song, there is something fundamentally incomplete about Helix. Perhaps the addition of a vocal would give this track some much needed spice.

Justice – Helix by EdBanger

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