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Jul 22, 2011

It’s insanely hot in Toronto right now as I’m sure most of you are aware. When it’s this hot out there is only one thing to do, grab a drink and sit by the pool! For this weeks episode I have prepared a mix to fit just the occasion! I start the mix with Eat Everything’s “Entrance Song” and finish it off with Livio & Roby’s ‘Grand Final”. In between you will find some amazing, poolside tracks!

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Direct Connection Podcast #009 by Mark Hinnen

Mark Hinnen // Direct Connection Podcast #009

1.Entrance Song (Original Mix) /// Eats Everything

2. Bohero (Original Mix) /// Franky Hell

3. Keep On (Original Mix) /// Danny Serrano

4. Creampie (Original Mix) Hector Couto

5. Just Use Your Imagination (Original Mix) /// Matteo Sicilano

6. The Game (Original Mix) /// Taras Van De Voorde

7. Mousique (Original Mix) /// Steve Mac

8. Starblazer(Original Mix) /// Deetron

9. Gone (Original Mix) /// Alex Costa

10. Fractions (Original Mix) /// Gruber, Nuernberg

11. Saxtrack (Reboot Twisted Fist Remix) /// Sebo K & Metro

12. Grand Final (Original Mix) /// Livio & Roby

Thanks for checking out the mix!

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