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Super Mal was formed in 2006 by DJ/Producers and all round dance music fanatics Lyndon Coyne and James Crompton. The main influences in their work come from 80’s groups like The Cure, Talking Heads, The Human League & Blondie. French House & Electronica acts also play a big part such as Daft Punk, Justice, Lifelike, Surkin & Fred Falke. Hip Hop, Old Skool, Electro & Break-dance complete the mash up of sounds and dynamics that make up the music of Super Mal.

They have been busy in the studio and have now finished their new E.P. entitled “Rock the Night”. The E.P. consists of 5 original tracks and three remixes from New York’s finest Diamond Cut plus Finnish wonder boy Lenno and lastly, Must Be Comets. This project is the result of countless hours of crate digging and referencing some of their heroes from the bygone days of disco and early house, born from an obsession with staying true to the musicality of those electronic pioneers.

You can find out more about Super Mal and listen to their tunes on their Soundcloud Profile.

Cal: Gents, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. With the number of slated releases you have left for 2010 on your label Bandito, you must be busy?

Super Mal: Yep we are working on a series of E.P’s to release on the label so the next one will be early next year. We have also been writing / producing for other artists (just produced a track with Luciana called Top of the World which we are very excited about).

Cal: How have you guys been splitting your time lately between the studio and touring? What else eats up your time?

SM: This years focus has really been about studio time both both on our own stuff and some remix work too. We just did a mix for on “Those Usual Suspects” called “Together” for Ministry,

plus remixes on One Love & Destined Records. In terms of gigs our highlight has been playing Voyeur in San Diego

Cal: Most of your releases to date have been on Bandito, and your upcoming releases are all listed as being under Bandito – can you name a couple reasons each why you’ve decided to go this way?

SM: With the distributions platforms and deals now you have so much control over your music you don’t need someone else to get it out there for you.

Cal: You guys started making records together in 2006, but you already had backgrounds in music. What were you doing before you formed Bandito and Super Mal?

SM: Yeah we have known each other since about the age of ten and were always in and out of bands together listening to stuff like the cure and depeche mode.

James: I kind of followed a more live band route and where as lyndon followed the more electronic side of things

Lyndon: We got back in touch in 2006 and decided to put the two sounds together

Cal: Modern dance music isn’t the only influence on your sound – can you talk a bit about the music that has informed your production style?

Lyndon: I really got swept up by the whole Breakdance culture and use of synthesisers and drum machines with a really uplifting melody.

James: I was into anything extreme really , drum & bass, thrash metal happy hardcore and punk

Cal: What about your style as DJs? Same influences?

Our sets tend to start with a lot of our own stuff and then we gradually turn up the squelch….

Cal: From the general coherence of your body of work so far, I’d venture to guess you guys are pretty musically similar. Is that the case? How
important is that in a DJ/Production duo?

SM: We have a lot of common ground on the influences harking back to 12 bar blues with 6 lead guitarist band practices in ’88 but we both went our different routes style-wise and both sort of got back into dance music at the same time with two sides of the same sound.

SS Exclusive:
[audio:Super Mal – The Disconaut.mp3]
And a selection of Super Mal’s latest:
[audio:Super Mal – Rock the Night (Diamond Cut Remix).mp3]

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