Five Gnarly Bassnectar Tracks

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Sep 6, 2010

Bassnectar has released some originals, remixes, and bootlegs over the last two years that span the spectrum of bass music. While his ‘sound’ tends not to fluctuate much, he plays with time signature a lot, to interesting effect. This batch here for example share much in terms of production elements, but range in bpm from close-to-normal-dubstep-speed at around 75bpm on the Sleigh Bells remix (one of my top 13 favourite dubstep tracks of 2010 so far) all the way up to 92bpm on the Fever Ray remix, which at least to me is a pretty insanely fast drum and bass speed.

Bassnectar releases music for free on his site, and you can find out where to get his commercially available music from there too.

[audio:Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (Bassnectar Remix).mp3,The Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix).mp3,Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix).mp3,Bassnectar – Magical World.mp3,Bassnectar – Massive Attack Remix.mp3]

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