Bassnectar Remixes Massive Attack

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Jun 22, 2010

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This is the latest from Bassnectar, released for free on his soundcloud account early in the evening yesterday. It came with the following note:

One of the most influential bands in the ‘trip hop’ universe (and well beyond), Massive Attack made a massive impact since the early nineties (if not before!)… This remix has been unfinished for over 10 years. I first played it at Burning Man in 2000, and as many of my hybrid mashup creations, it has constantly evolved. As with any customized edit it has taken so many variations from uber-deep hypnotic eyes-closed moments to crazy jump-up 10 feet high bounce sessions. This version kind of goes both ways, and includes a sizzling lazer synth over loco 808 bass and an additional vocal dedicated to the heat of summer time. As with all these mash up edits, it is a gesture of respect to musicians who have inspired me, i hope you enjoy it at some moment in the future.


[audio:Bassnectar – Massive Attack Remix.mp3]

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