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Jul 4, 2010

Today’s warm July evening put me in the mood for a little funk-inspired DJ Shadow. On that note, the 8-bit music video by Mykola Dosenko to go along with his This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way) is exactly what I’m talkinbout (see below).

It’s a song most people probably haven’t heard, given that his later solo albums aren’t exactly appreciated on the same level as Endtroducing….. For a bit of perspective, Pitchfork want halfway to completely trashing The Outsider (2006), the album on which This Time appears, asking “who’d be dumb enough to copycat all this watered-down exotica and epileptic hyphy?”

Nonetheless, at the end of his review Alex Linhardt charitably wondered whether “his recent interest in pop production might prove rewarding with the benefit of hindsight.”

I think yes.

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