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Jun 5, 2010

Plain and simple, what immediately struck me about BA’BE was the vocal ability of project co-creator Michael Silvestre. There’s some amount of production that has gone in to the recorded tracks I’ve heard by this group so far, and though they benefit from it, these guys take it up a level when live and unplugged – a testament to their musicianship. The Yellow Gold video, what is really just a nighttime jam sesh, is a fantastic example of what this talented group can do with just their instruments, a couple monitors, and some pedals/vocal effects. Making Piles/Burning Cars on the other hand, is a more concerted effort at maximizing their sound, successfully mixing bluesy sounding rock with cross-genre production sensibilities.

BA’BE is the brainchild of friends Michael Silvestre (vocals, guitar, keys) and Marcel Strohmeier (bass guitar).  With their knack for strong songwriting, playing ability and production, they enlisted the help of Tommy Kobayashi (keys, guitar and backup vocals) and Bob Deveau (drums) to complete their vision/sound.

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Making Piles/Burning Cars by babesound

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