The DJ River Mix Tradition (Yes, it’s Exam Time Again)



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Apr 10, 2010

I’ve noticed a spike in traffic to the site lately of people looking for DJ River stuff.  He’s a dude I followed for quite a while in the early to mid 00s – he put out dozens of mixes, and posted them for free on his website.  I was pretty struck at the time of the professionalism + track selection + accompanying artwork + freeness + high release frequency of the mixes on his site.  What struck me most was that he was an early adopter of torrents – his mixes were hosted using bittorrent, as well as on his http server.  Tres cool.

Not too sure what he’s up to now.. the hosting went down for his mixes.  Guess that’s why people have found their way here.  Glad to be doing more to keep River’s mixes alive.

This one is a Deep Tech House mix, as the name suggests.  12:33 is pure eargasm, but don’t skip forward – it doesn’t work if you don’t let it build.  If you’re really impatient, skip to 10:00 and go from there.  Otherwise you’re in for a real treat.

[audio:DJ River – Deep Tech House Mix 2 (Winter 2005).mp3]

01 Tag feat. Azunx – The Arrahant
02 Probspot – BlueBerry
03 Solid Sessions – Janeiro
04 Mike Hiratzka & Justin Scott – Two Worlds [Descent Mix]
05 Kid Vicious – Contagious
06 North Atlantic – Lights Out [Lemon8 ‘Lights On’ Remix]
07 Miro – The One I Run To
08 Weekend World Presents – The Word
09 Jorge Jaramillo & Sheldon R. – House Music Pneumonia
10 Chab – Tunnelling [DJ River Edit]
11 Lemon8 – Triple Funk

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