Excited?  We sure are! A modest eighteen submissions this time around, with tracks all over the map – soothing ambient, big room, progressive, dubstep, and trance!  And yes, we even got some Toronto Half-Step.

Give me a day to sort everything out – I mentioned that I’d launch the submissions post on Friday, so I will be launching it at 4pm EST tomorrow.  Rather than have several posts, this time there will be one post with all the tracks, as well as a voting widget.  It will be in the Features>>Contests>>Streetlab Remix Competition category.

Our submitters:

  • Aquarian
  • Curtis Wang
  • Dave Scorp
  • Deebs
  • DMK
  • Duke Buzzy
  • E39
  • John Dillinger
  • LaClopeAuBec
  • Lucien Reden
  • Marcelo Portalet
  • Milt Mortez
  • O-God
  • Pretorium
  • Stephen
  • TechnoBears
  • Teen
  • tha 1 who Trevs + K-0TIC Couture

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