Parallels, Loved Them Last Year. Love Them This Week!

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Mar 5, 2010

I met Cam Findlay last year around this time and was immediately captivated by the sound of his group, Parallels. A year later they have been featured on the front cover of Eye Weekly and were interviewed as a part of their coverage of CMW.

They are playing as a part of Eye Weekly showcase alongside local favorites Styrofoam Ones and DVAS, followed by a DJ set from some of my favorite Can Con, CFCF. Parellels live energy is incomparable, until you see them play live, you might not understand just how brilliant this group is.

(audio could be better, this is why we are working with a few pros for CMW 2010)

[audio:Parallels – Reservoir.mp3,CFCF – Big Love.mp3]

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