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Broken Social Scene w/ Keys n Krates @ Harbourfront. Milano playing an underground rave afterwards
ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! This is the chant that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started chanting it not knowing what it was, and they will keeping on chanting it forever just because this was the chant that never ends. Multiple encores for the group that has stole Toronto’s heart over so many years; Broken Social Scene. Not to mention they were followed up by one of the most innovative live acts in recent years, Keys n’ Krates, and though we didn’t make it, people were definitely in for a treat with a Milano late night rave set just behind the Harbourfront Centre.

Stones Throw Showcase @ Revival w/ Mayer Hawthorne
My first chance to see Mayer Hawthorne live and I wasn’t even in love with him yet. Mayer Hawthorne subsequently became my favorite artist of 2009 and this was the first opportunity I had to see him.  This show did not disappoint, and was the kind I could have gone to with my niece and my father at the same time (I’m only 21 to give you some perspective). The venue is one of my favorites in the city, despite the fact that I never go there.

Buraka Som Sistema w/DJ Sega @ The El Mocambo
The future of world music touched down at the legendary El Mocambo on Spadina. Asses shaking, people dancing, and a party erupting.  This was one of those shows where you felt you got to a group before they became everyone’s favourite. I threw an after party around the corner and got to hang out with the group, as well as Sega. This night was one of the most memorable I’ve had, and it was amazing to meet artists who just want to wine and get on bad (some Trinidadian slang)

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