Heidi w/ Y.Pro Closing Set 4 am Last Call @ The Social
The only place with a 4am last calls on that Thursday. Toronto descended upon The Social from every other party across the land. Shit popped off, if you weren’t there you didn’t hear Y.Pro close out one of the best parties of the summer at The Social

M.A.N.D.Y w/ Y.Pro opening in April
My first time seeing M.A.N.D.Y in physical form did not disappoint. I spent the week getting excited, watching Youtube videos of them spinning the Love Parade and was not disappointed. The type of music that takes you to a place you never thought you would go in a dark room. The Social is made for M.A.N.D.Y, they make it sound better than anyone else.

The Twelves @ Monday Meetings
This was the first time I saw the Twelves live. I was first exposed to their pop sensibilities and brilliant musicianship on this night. It was the reason I was so excited for the show at Wrongbar and the reason why I know that I will never miss a Twelves show in Toronto. I was fortunate enough to shoot an interview with the duo after the show, and it is one of my favorites of the year.

Modselektor in February
With a house packed with unfamiliar faces, you could tell the Modselktor drew a crowd. With an impressive visual set up their live show was tremendously energetic. They made the house move. This was one of the best shows I have seen at The Social, and I really can’t pinpoint why.

Kevin Saunderson
I rushed to the Social just before last call, leaving Adam Beyer in my dust. That’s quite the night. Beyer and Saunderson, but Saunderson left its mark. With soulful music that made it okay for me to dance with myself I am happy that I got to see the little bit that I did. One of the people who gave us this music, it would be wrong not to show my appreciation.

Annie Mac w/ Huggs
I think that this party might often be overlooked. There isn’t a particular reason that this is on the list. The music was great, the crowd danced, the world was left unchanged, but for some reason I feel the need to include it on the list

Jack Beats @ Social
Jack Beats came to Toronto and rocked the Social hard on a Thursday night. The crowd was chanting when he started the set and the dancing didn’t stop till he cut the music. Afterwards the crew ripped down to the Guv just in time to hear the Crookers spin one final track, And after that Beni G kept the party popping till the early hours @ the usual spot on College, with the most distinguished degenerates the city has to offerl. Awesome guy and a dope performer.

Most Mondays (Golden Gloves, Bangers and Mash, Mr. Charlton, Y.Pro, The FranDiscos, Mansion, John Roman, Meech, Barletta, and other local friends)
A lot of our local friends play this night. It is consistently one of the best weekly parties in the city and it happens on a Monday. While the music may not always hit, when it does this party erupts.

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