Wrongbar – The Year Wrong Was Right

The year wrong was right.

Skream and Benga on a Sunday
A room filled with bass, bodies and a humidity that made the ceiling leak with sweat became one of the must memorable musical experiences we’ve ever had. Though this list isn’t ranked, this show sits atop for a reason. Anyone in attendance will attest that this moment meant something to this city, meant something to them, and set a new standard to define Dubstep’s potential. This wasn’t the point of entry, but his brought the genre out into the light.

Fake Blood w/Barletta for North by North East w/ 4am Last Call
Lines around the block by 10:30, crowd surfing by 11, all while Theo Keating stood casually in the crowd sipping a beer. He liked the fact that he could stand there in near anonymity, in a room filled with people there to hear his music. When Cody approached him about it, Keating said “I think I like it”. More importantly, this was the best set we have ever heard Barletta play, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It truly set the stage for what would be to all the biggest Saturday of the summer. Those who missed Fake Blood’s first show at Wrongbar don’t realize it, but this wasn’t even his best performance at the venue. What we remember was that the night was Fake Bloods, but the music was Barletta’s.

Classixx for 2-Year Anniversary
Disco shit, pure as the driven snow.  Nothing can compare to the sound of this duo from California. Their sound made everybody move, and made them a favourite up and coming act. Opening with The xx remix of Florence and the Machine was bold, but it made everyone stop their conversations and hit the floor running. They told Nav to bring them back anytime, and I hope that’s soon. This was 2-year anniversary of what has become the city’s most influential nightclub, and we are all eagerly anticipating the 3rd.

With everyone from flower children to dark ravers packed into one room to see one man, Bassnectar took the stage with one of the most energetic sets of the year. Original remixes that took Dancehall and R&B tunes to a deeper level. This show was meant for a bigger stage, but since Wrongbar provided the biggest sound in an intimate environement, there were no complaints.

One day baby, you’ll realize this was the one jam baby, that Wrongbar became your home. This was the start of us experiencing Wrongbar the way we see it today. It is a home with the best soundsystem in the city, a place that provides us with more than just music; it is the place we get to see the best in Electronic music on a regular basis.

The Twelves at Film Festival w/ 4am Last Call
I’ve never seen my roommate dance; I’ve never seen my roommate on stage. On this night, I saw my roommate at the front of the stage dancing. If any of you know someone like my roommate, you know that this is a big deal. The Twelves are one of the best Electronic music acts I have seen live. Through live remixing they manage to get everyone moving to their bouncy basslines with disco sensibilities.

Busy P on a Wednesday
A good show, with a good set. The only drawback was the pseudo paparazzi and people trying to pose behind the man, behind Ed Banger. Rynecolgist played one of the best sets I’ve heard from him this year, likely due to the presence of Papa Pedro who has since put out remixes by Ryne, bumping his unique sound globally.

Joker and Nomad w/ Zeds Dead on a Sunday
The George Clinton of Dubstep and the pioneer of Purple, Joker, made good use of the bass bins and better use of the decks. Unlike a lot of big names, he remained one of the best Dubstep DJs I’ve seen; you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever seen Benga botch a mix. Supporting sets by some of Toronto’s brightest stars including XI, Egyptrixx, Sidenote and Zeds Dead. This was the first set that Zeds Dead pumped nothing other than original material and one track from good friends The Killabits.  They set it off before Joker even arrived on the scene.

Keys n’ Krates w/ Tremendous Record Friends for Canadian Music Week Showcase

Just check the video. First times are always the best. My first time, it was a powerful, earth shattering, mind boggling, body tingling experience.

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