Chiddy Bang, You Caught Me Sleeping

Nav caught me sleeping on this one. I first downloaded Chiddy Bang about a year ago and it ended up sleeping with 4 stars in my iTunes library without prompting an article or any considerable attention on my part. A year later, I’m obsessed. Often dubbed the coolest thing since The Cool Kids. Their remix of MGMT‘s Kids, known as The Opposite of Adults received significant praise all over the blogosphere. Their recent remix of The Gorillaz’ Stylo features the voice of none other than the legendary Mos Def. As someone who grew with Hip Hop, spent hours listening to Biggie, Pac and didn’t hate on mainstream rap in the mid 90s, Chiddy Bang’s Pop Hop, is good Hip Hop. My personal favorite out of this collection I have chose to share is definitely their reinterpretation of Sufjan Stevens. Chiddy Bang, cooler than The Cool Kids?

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[audio:Chiddy Bang – All Things Go (ft Sufjan Stevens).mp3,Chiddy Bang – Stylo (ft The Gorillaz).mp3,Chiddy Bang – The Opposity of Adults.mp3,Chiddy Bang – Truth (ft Passion Pit).mp3]

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