Le Freak C’est Keek: Private Parts ^_^

“I don’t trust people that don’t like funk,” says Kiki with a chuckle, Toronto House veteran also known as Le Freak C’est Keek, “I want to make sure people are getting down, clapping their hands, screaming… that kinda shit.” Kiki started out at the El Mocambo with a monthly in 2003, Juicy, put together by DJs Sue Seto, Holly Rock (YYY), and Violca (aka Riviera) after their loft party by the same name was a success. It was proto-hipster, open format, and it was a party celebrating women.

Today, Le Freak has a number of successful residencies under her belt, such as Sticky Fingers, Rapture, Big Primpin, Hump Day Bump, and so on, and so on. Her new style picks you up, and rinses you out… check out the first of a series of mixes that cannot be passed up! Private Parts ^_^


Fake Blood – I Think I Like It

Jamie Jones and Simon Baker – Kaskazi

Coburn – Give me Love

Andreas Henneberg and Simon2 – Bolingo Grigo

Noir Disque – Noir Disque

Armand Van Hedlen – Dance the Way I Feel

– Paul Revered (undeadisco)

[audio:Le Freek Cest Keek – Private Parts vol1.mp3]

(Editors Note: This is really a great mix)

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