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Feb 1, 2010

I honestly just can’t win with these guys.  They’re so established in the Toronto hip-hop scene that they can be considered an institution.  I honestly believe that if these guys get the right exposure with the right people, they’ll somehow find the resources they need, and make music that will just blow away all the false perceptions about Canadian hip-hop.  It’s for that reason that I can’t win – because every time they cross my mind, I want to do something BIG for them.  Really big.  I want to write the most beautiful, prosey, flattering essay of a review on them to convey just how awesome their music is.  I want to get concert footage of them doing their thing – the last time I met up with Scandalis (the guy doing the hook in this video) we were @ The Curzon in the East End, and he was freestyling over dubstep tracks I was dropping.  I want to do a sick, 15-20 minute video interview with the entire 5th Letter Fam, so that the whole continent can connect at least in some small way with the chill and wicked guys behind the tracks.

For now this will have to suffice.  I think this new track, their second single off their album ‘Get It’ is a strong follow up after Impossible.  I’m super excited to hear more from these guys, I’m going to do my best to connect with them this year in a meaningful way, and I wish them all the success they deserve.

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