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Oct 15, 2008

The Cunninlynguists made a few Canadian stops on their Dirty Acres East Coast tour, and I made the 10 hour round-trip to Ottawa to check them out. I’ve been wanting to see these guys for a long time – I feel that lyrically they are one of the most talented, deep, interesting, insightful hip-hop groups ever, and they have incredibly high production value. I was very disappointed that Natti couldn’t get across the border, because a few of my favorite songs and verses had to be dropped. Nonetheless, these guys are just as amazing live as I imagined they’d be. As for the opening acts, they REALLY stood out.  PackFM and Substantial were both unbelievable!!

Favorite Cunninlynguist tracks:

[audio:Cunninlynguists – Be Free (Remix ft. Natti – Produced by Kno).mp3,Cunninlynguists – KKKY.mp3,Cunninlynguists – Lynguistics.mp3,Cunninlynguists – Beautiful Girl.mp3,Cunninlynguists – Old School.mp3,Cunninlynguists – Seasons.mp3]

A video of Substantial dropping an AWESOME! verse:

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