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Jan 30, 2010

Labour of Love
I was camped out in the tent with tons of familiar faces at a night which marked the beginning of the fall season in Toronto. As the annual labour day event it may not have been as stacked as the year before, but who cares; the show was dope, the music bumped, and Tiga is the man.  He kicks all the hangers on out of the booth so that he can play tunes for those of you who came to dance, not those of you who came give him that groupie love.

St. Mandrew w/ MSTRKRFT @ Tattoo Rock Parlor
St. Mandrew ripped one of the best sets I have ever seen him play on that night. He set the stage for his cousin and Al with one of the most balanced sets I’ve heard in a while. His set was a roller coaster of peaks and valleys, which paired big banging Electro tracks with softer Techno tracks, and impressed even the most veteran ravers.

Too big of a party not to put it on the list. Rolled around 2am with Barletta and M.Glasman. Got there, jammed, heard the Crookers drop some fire, and danced the night out in the mainroom.

DeadMau5 @ Wasaga Beach
We came, we saw, we didn’t stay. DeadMau5 Wa5aga was the best show we didn’t get to. 2 hours out of Toronto, half the crew didn’t roll, those who did didn’t stay (were removed from the premises). This night was disgusting in every good and bad way. The bonds that formed that weekend went beyond music.

Crookers @ SkyBar
“Everyone” was at this show. I couldn’t tell you exactly who they were, but many familiar faces were present. Crookers dropped the shit they had to, and played the amazing shit they wanted to. This was my second favorite Crookers set, however “everyone” wasn’t there for my favorite; their loss.

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