After Hours – The Year We Never Slept

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Jan 30, 2010

Frequency by Automatt featuring Azzari, III and Friends
A party with the perfect blend of disco and love. This was one of those parties that I remember as a reminder of why I like to go out. Great music and amazing people, and a crowd dancing as if Levan himself was on the decks. I admire this party, and respect the people behind it so much for providing this amazing experience.

Blatta and Inesha @ The Faktory Loft
Did they just drop Casablanca? This party was an amazing end of summer jam. Late night and we did it right. Between hearing a Golden Gloves song that we knew got its first exposure through our site played by Blatta and Inesha, to spinning and dipping unknown dance partners at 5 am with Ben himself, this party had it all. Good people, great music, and the sunrise.

Drop the Lime @ The Faktory Loft
When I saw that Drop the Lime was booked at a venue that didn’t have subwoofers worth their while I was tremendously disappointed. When I found out he was playing an after party I was elated. This was one of the best after hours parties I’ve ever been to, because this was the way you were meant to enjoy bass: vibe’ing with only those who cared, or were so sketchy they couldn’t help but care.

[audio:Golden Gloves – Casablanca.mp3]

204 w/ Peer Pressure
Getting Hatchmatic to play 2 tracks I hadn’t heard outside of my bedroom was a highlight of my summer. The tracks, House of House – Rushing These Streets and Bassment Jaxx – Raindrops.

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