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We asked local Toronto promoter Jonathan C what his top 10 Parties of the year were. 3 trends… Dim Mak, Dubstep and TheJons.


-Before the venue even opened at 10pm, there was already a line-up around the block. St.Mandrew opened, and played one of the best sets I’ve ever heard. The room was packed upstairs and down, mayhem ensued. Best friends & family we’re all in the building, kids including myself were crowd surfing, and when MSTRKRFT dropped Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, it just put the cherry on top of an already perfect evening.

2 ) JFK’s Secret DJ Set @ Strangelove’s DanceLikeYouFuck Thursdays.
– If you were lucky enough to get into Strangelove on this night, you witnessed one of the most sweatiest, pure-est, wall to wall “i don’t give a fuck” dance party. Kids ripping their clothes off, crowd surfing, and banging so hard on the rafters and roof leaving holes behind. It was madness, and it was amazing. Thanks Jesse.


– DubStep officially made its mark on Toronto with this show. The manager of the club told me it was one of the craziest nights in Mod Club history. People fist pumping and humming the basslines from the front of the stage to the back of the balcony up stairs. I still show people video’s of how crazy this show was on my cell phone. Big ups Rusko, and get ready for his show January 2010 @ Sound Academy.


– Everyone i know was at this party, and it was incredible. Headliners included DeepDish, MSTRKRFT, BloodyBeetRoots, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Steve Angello & Crookers. It was the Dance Festival everyone had dreamed of. I still haven’t forgiven myself for going darkside and leaving around 5am, missing Steve Angello playing Skybar as the sun came up.

5 ) WEST Lounge’s Closing Party

– Saturdays at WEST were amazing, people still come up to me all the time saying how much they miss it, and how nothing has filled the void for them since the club made its un-apollogetic transformation into Cobra. Every Saturday at WEST was crazy, we jumped all over the couches & tables, poured vodka everywhere, screamed the words to every song while banging on the ceiling and occasionally ripping down a chandelier…or 3. RIP.

6 ) KLEVER @ WEST Lounge

– This was the first time we brought Klever to Toronto. West was absolutely insane that night. We were all packed into the booths behind the DJ booth, ripping drapes down, going nuts. Klever was KILLING it, raging so hard that he sliced his hand wide open while spinning. MEECH hopped on the decks and covered while I took him into the back room and did the most make-shift patch up job. He finished the set and played til’ the lights came on and everyone clapped. By then we were all so wasted we went and afterpartied til 6am, then remembered Klev’s hand was still gashed open and went to emerge to get him stitched up. The doctor was super cute and we chilled with her til like 11am before calling it a night. Klever Kills.


– TIME festival was an absolute monster. From A-TRAK, Crystal Castles, Dom Rimini, DJ MEDHI, Felix Cartal, Mark Farina, Jeff Mills, and Every well known local DJ you could thing of, EVERYONE was there. Over 4,000 people were out for the love of music and partying. It was amazing, TIME festival gets better and better, and this year will be no different.


– This night was another ridiculous night at Arcade. There’s a video floating around somewhere on facebook documenting this night, it can probably explain it far better than I ever could, as Benga and I had a drinking contest to see who could drink more. Jonathan C 1, Benga 0.


– I don’t think the Muskoka Woods residents quite knew what they had in store for them this weekend. We were hangin’ at our friends cottage waiting for what we thought was the local taxi/bus service to pick me, Aoki, Keith Lite and a few others up, when the bus showed up, it turns out to be 40 of his super fans en route to his show. It was the funniest bus ride ever, with kids chanting “Aoki’s on the bus” over and over. With 1,000+ kids crammed into the venue, it went off, and it went off hard.


– David Guetta is the raddest fucking dude alive.

[audio:Kylie Minogue – Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix).mp3,MSTRKRFT – It Ain’t Love (Bird Peterson Remix JFK Edit).mp3,Rusko – Jahova,Crookers ft Soulwax and Mixhell – We Love Animals.mp3,Klever – Kryptobounce.mp3,Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix).mp3,White Lies – Death (Crystal Castles Remix).mp3,The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki vs Laidback Luke and A-Trak – Warp It Down (John Roman Mashup).mp3,Kylie Minogue – Wow (David Guetta Remix).mp3]

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