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Dec 16, 2009

I spent Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving) Sunday in The Kool Haus @ The Guvernment Nightclub in Toronto. After Diplo brought everyone’s jaw to the ground with Jamaican Dancehall culture, Crookers took to the stage. This was the my fourth time hearing one of their sets. They’ve always played a few for the crowd (Day N’ Night, Thunderstruck, etc) and a few for themselves (Bouncy Techno Tracks and other priceless surprises). This set definitely was deeper and darker, appealing to the heads not the head bobbers. They played We Love Animals, their most recent collaboration with Soulwax and Mixhell. I’ve managed to listen to it on Youtube etc since but finally grabbed it as a download of one of the blogs I follow, To Many Sebastians.

It lives up to what you would expect from a collaboration this big. Massive bass, amazing drums, and subtle hints that these guys are all just that much better at producing than you, you, and, yeah, you too. This song drops and you can’t help but start to move. This song is huge. This song is massive.This production is Bananas. This music will move you. This song is on such a catastrophically large scale that when it drops everyone might forget that Day N’ Night got overplayed, and may just help you remember that you loved these guys for remixing that song into one of the biggest Electronic remixes of last year.

Had to share it, because I care about it.

[audio:Crookers ft Soulwax and Mixhell – We Love Animals.mp3]

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