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Jul 2, 2009


Very pleased to present something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – an underground hip hop mix.  I don’t DJ hip hop that much, so the mixing is pretty basic, but I’m happy with it and the mixes are undistracting.  The songs are some real favorites, and it was hard picking tracks from these artists because I listen to them all so extensively.

The 9th Wonder track is soo sick – awesome hook, and the Nas lyrics are perfect for the beat.  This song is really hard to find in good quality – you’ll notice the Nas vocals sound muffled.  I have this song in FLAC and it sounds exactly the same as the 320 I used for this mix.  The Atmosphere track is perhaps one of the first of his that I really liked.  I should really do a post on Atmosphere soon.. I have some pretty strong opinions about his stage personality and his music, which I guess I’ll save for something in the very near future.  The Mcenroe beat is something my younger brother turned me on to ages ago, but I couldn’t tell you what the track name is.  All I know is it’s off his album “Billy’s Vision”.  The RJD2 track is a fucking slammer – one of the most amazing hip hop beats ever made, I think.

Enjoy the mix

[audio:DJ Cal – UGHH Mix.mp3]


Cunninlynguists – Beautiful Girl

9th Wonder and Nas – Warrior Song

Atmosphere – Godlovesugly

Mcenroe – Track 5

RJD2 – Ghostwriter (Remix)

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