Toronto’s Music Community Responds to a Crisis

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Apr 26, 2009

Click for Facebook Event

Click for Facebook Event

This Monday the Social is hosting a very special event in response to the fire that occurred at 56 Maitland. It is a great example of the arts community reaching out to help people through difficult times. Their first event, Queens With Hearts a drag queen show, raised 2800 dollars to help pay for the funeral costs of Kendell Adams who passed away in the fire. This Monday with Mansion, Famous Players, Millions, and Meech they have one of the best local lineups to grace The Social Monday Meetings in a while. Gillian Dorella-Scott, who many of you know as she is always the first face you see when you walk in the door, helped to organized the event. She has asked us to run a guestlist for the event and we were very excited to do so, all proceeds from our list will go directly to supporting this worthwile cause.

Gill sent over a little blurb:

If you have been living in Toronto for years, and if you can image living in the first place you called home out of all the places you lived in Toronto, then that’s what 56 Matiland was to me.
It was the first place I felt I could call home. Living with my good friend Steph until she got her own place down the hall from me because she loved it there so much. After Steph moved out Keslie moved in & it was always such a great place & comforting place to live.

My mother lived there for 3 years & moved out in February. It was a very great place to live everyone knew everyone in the building in some way. Our landlords were like the
mother & father of the building who made sure that we all were safe & sound, and if we felt scared at all on our way home from work or the bar late at night we could call them & they would be at the front door waiting to make sure we got home in one piece. This wasn’t just a building it was a big house where students and retirees lived in harmony amidst the noise and the peaceful quiet. It was home sweet home at last.

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