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Apr 13, 2009

David and I have had a few great opportunities in the last few months to get to know artists, and see them perform their art live.  There is something much greater that one gets from the experience of seeing a performer live, as opposed to listening passively at home or on the ipod; the experience is much more engaging, and I think is a much more emotional experience than evening listening to that ‘banger’ for the first time.  Hearing something new live – something you haven’t heard recorded before – is altogether different again.  I had a rare opportunity a couple weeks ago during Canadian Music Week 2009 to see some pretty first rate performers, some I hadn’t heard live before, and indeed some I hadn’t heard of at all.

I definitely had one of those moments where you’re totally wrapped up in your surroundings that you’re almost tuned out – engrossed in conversation and focused on the taste of lime still on the rim of your drink, when suddenly you’re hearing unfamiliar and pleasurable sounds.  I looked over my shoulder and saw Dan from Plushgun at the mic.  Dan and Plushgun do some interesting stuff.  Their music is kind of a fusion of catchy 50s pop and a hint of the Beach Boys, combined with synthy pop rythms that mixed to make some INCREDIBLY catchy and addictive songs.


The Competition

So, without further adieu, Monarch and I are proud to present our very first of what we hope will be many remix competitions!!  It’s simple, really.  You have two weeks to make the baddest remix you can of the track ‘Dancing in a Minefield’.  For details and to sign up, follow this link and let me know you’re interested!  You MUST send us an email at letting us know you’re interested!

Submission deadline: April 27 @ 11:59pm

[audio:Plushgun – A Crush to Pass the Time (Don Diablo Remix).mp3,Plushgun – Just Impolite (Jesse No Vocal Mix).mp3,Plushgun – Just Impolite (Whatever Whatever Dub).mp3]

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