GrandMaMa aka Larry Johnson

I’ve been rocking a new hat recently. People seem to like the color immediately but never understand the reference. Well here it is. Grandmama, Larry Johnson, the thing from that hat that you didn’t understand. The character also did a cameo on Family Matters, you know the show with Urkle. I recently started watching the show again, only to realize that the 90s were much less discrete about product placement. Check out Breezy Excursion they’ve got a lot of dope gear that generally brings me back to the days of playing NBA Live on Sega.

P.S in case you weren’t aware we are more than just a music blog now. Get ready for culture and style!

P.P.S Anyone got a Muggsy Bogues jersey from his days on the Hornets?

Some tracks I’ve been digging lately, not everything is brand new:
[audio:Carl Craig – Futurelovetheme.mp3,jamiroquai – Canned Heat (Calvin Harris Remix).mp3,Stenchman – 2Muchket!.mp3]
Grum – Runaway (Calling In Sick Remix)

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