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Mar 12, 2009

So last week Monarch and I headed out to the suburbs to watch the legendary Steve Aoki do his thing.  I have to say that I have a two regrets, but none of them were Steve Aoki related.  For starters, the sound system at Nava was awful – I haven’t had cotton ball ears like that since I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers a few years ago.  The other regret is going to the suburbs in the first place.  The suburbs are terrible, and it will take a lot to drag me out to a concert out there again.

Check out the video I took.. its a small example of the incredibly high energy performance that Steve Aoki gave.  I will absolutely come support this guy whenever he is in town, and you should too.

In other news, user submissions have absolutely skyrocketed, and I have been completely overwhelmed by some absolutely amazing remixes, mashups, and original music from all genres.  I’m so pleased that we can help such amazing artists get their sounds out there! Here are some tracks I’ve been listening to this week.  Hope you enjoy!

Check out their myspace.

[audio:Dr Dre – The Next Episode (Starters DJs Young Live B-More Remix).mp3,Kevin Randolf and Lil Wayne vs Crookers – Let It Rock Day n Nite (Starters DJs Live Agreemix Remix).mp3,Smitty and Swizz Beatz – Diamonds On My Neck (Starters DJs Young Live Remix).mp3]

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