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Feb 5, 2009

Single Ladies from sam burchfield on Vimeo.
(Is it true that the girl on the right doesn’t have to wish she was a boy?)

People who have been following the site since our inception may remember that I would often post a lot of remixes by popular artists as I came across them. Initially the posts were called the Monarch Presents a Remix but that title eventually got old. This post is very similar in nature to those posts.

I had previously posted the Maurice Joshua Club Mix of “Single Ladies” because it was awesome and Siik’s remix of the same song because it was, sick. Recently, I have amassed a collection of Beyonce remixes that I feel compelled to share with our readers. Favorites include the Gomi and RasJek Vocal mix of “Diva”, Karmatornic Main Remix of “If I Were a Boy”, but most importantly the aforementioned Maurice Joshua, which the best produced, and the Siik remix, which takes a different direction as a remix.

[audio:Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Maurice Joshua Club Mix),Beyonce – Single Ladies (Siik Remix).mp3,Beyonce – If I Were a Boy (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix).mp3,Beyonce – If I Were A Boy (Mark Picchioti Remix).mp3,Beyonce – If I Were A Boy (Karmatronic Main Remix).mp3,Beyonce – Diva (Gomi and RasJek Vocal remix).mp3]


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