Ninja Tune to release Slugabed’s debut album


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Feb 29, 2012
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Leading-edge electronica label Ninja Tune announced yesterday that the debut album from the Brighton-based electro-hop producer Slugabed will be released on May 7. The album is called ‘Time Team’ and is said to be a “concise documentation of Greg Feldwick’s (Slugabedcomputational experiments analysing the directionality of hexagonal crystals“. Whoa, now that’s what I call a dizzyingly psychedelic album concept. And of course, a far-out album concept needs some far-out album artwork. Indeed, the optical illusion above is that artwork.

“Slugga” is an artist very dear to my heart because 1) he makes rad tunes and 2) he was the very first artist I ever blogged about on Salacious! Upon hearing the news that “Slugga” is releasing his debut, I immediately remembered that very first post and how far I’ve come. You can check out my first post here; it features the video for “Moonbeam Rider”, the fourth track on ‘Time Team’.

Well, that’s just about all the info on the album so far. Unfortunately, track previews have yet to surface. The first single is entitled “Sex” and won’t be released until April 9. At the moment, what you can do is head on over to the Ninjashop and pre-order ‘Time Team’!

But before you go…do you think I’d leave you without any tunes?! It may not be on the album but this Daedelus remix of “Sex” is the best we’ve got until the original is released. Hey, a free download can’t hurt!


Slugabed - Sex (Daedelus Remix)


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  • Cal

    Daedelus is large. We had an interview scheduled with him at Electric Zoo, but got too fucked up with 12th Planet the night before to make our 11am time ;(

  • totem

    hahaha oh man that’s wild!! I sent Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) a friend request on fb but to no avail :(

  • VDiddy

    Slugabed’s launching his album on the 20th of April 2012 at Crucifix Lane, London! Details here: