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Dec 11, 2010

There are three parts to this page:

1. Salacious Sound writer dos and don’ts.
2. My personal feelings about music copyright.
3. How to have music removed which you are the copyright holder (or designated agent) of.

How Writers on Salacious Sound Behave

Music publishing is exciting, fun, and (we hope) helpful to our readers, and for the artists subjected to our reviews.

It also carries certain responsibilities and contains inherent difficulties.

For example, artists can offer music for free to a blog like Salacious Sound prior to a label “purchasing” the work to be offered for sale. Keeping up with such turns of event or trying to so exhaustively confirm the “free-ness” of a work would be so onerous that it would render blogging and reviewing impossible.

It’s for that reason that Salacious Sound writers are required to adhere to the following guidelines which, 99.9% of the time should ensure the fair use of copyrighted works, and also works that are made completely free by their creators.

Salacious Sound writers do:
  • Write about great music that they believe in
  • Maintain “correctness” through diligent research, and perform expeditious corrections in the case of erroneous information
  • Write and conduct themselves with ‘journalistic integrity’
  • Post download links to music and remixes provided freely by artists, labels, PR firms, and their respective websites
  • Post streaming links to music which are endorsed by record labels and/or the recording/remixing artists
  • Promote sale links and artist web pages, where possible
    • Salacious Sound writers don’t:
      • Accept payment for posting music
      • Write favourable reviews about things they think are bad
      • Post download links for music without explicit or implicit permission
        • Personal Feelings About Copyright

          I feel that it is the responsibility of any music-lover to contribute positively to the community, or ‘music ecosystem’ if you will, in whatever way suits them best.

          Musicians do us a great service by creating works of art, and deserve fair compensation for doing so.

          As a music-lover I believe in collecting concert t-shirts at great shows, and as a DJ I believe in utilizing great online music stores like Beatport and Juno which give the producers their fair share of the sale price.

          Without getting too mired in terminology and nuance, I would like to offer one more of my many strongly held beliefs on music copyright: remix art is legitimate. Artists who want to make and share remixes and mashups should be free to do so without fear of reprimand.

          Again, this is a general statement that I would place bounds on if you asked me to elaborate (and I’m perfectly willing to talk about this at length if you want to get in touch!)

          How to Have Music Removed

          People aren’t perfect – this goes for artists and writers. Both groups are capable of making mistakes that can lead to music being released when it shouldn’t have been. Salacious Sound takes such matters very seriously, and as such we offer the following assurances:

          • Removal of download links within 24 hours upon receival of a personal note/comment/DMCA takedown request from an artist or their designated agent asking us to do so
          • Dismissal of writers found to be knowingly and repeatedly infringing the copyright policy of this site
            • If you would like me to remove download links to music, please contact me at:

              with the subject heading:
              TAKEDOWN REQUEST

              Last updated: June 28, 2012

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