Luna Pines – Uneven



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Jul 31, 2019

The self-produced trio Luna Pines showcases modern electronica and dream pop mixed with ambient sounds, that will take you to a very different headspace than you were at before clicking play. On “Uneven” there is a strong hazy pop soundscape that doesn’t quite fit into one specific genre. Check out a quote on the song below and stream “Uneven” after the jump now!

“It was the last song we ever began writing together. In December, the day after the first demo was completed, he took his own life. I remember taking the song to Ryan (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Rob (Drums) and just feeling like it needed to be done, and we finished it in about two hours. For that reason, it’s such an important song to us as it’s one that has been through so much during its creation, and I think there’s a certain pain and desperation you can feel because of it.”

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