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Jan 31, 2018

X. ARI is a motivated, inspired spirit, and is showing the world just how important she is through her music. Her latest single, “Vapors,” is uplifting by sound, but very dark lyrically. It chronicles a tumultuous relationship with no way out. “The relationship in the song is a bad habit that is as toxic and short lived as a lit cigarette,” X. ARI explains. “Both partners are addicted and know it’s unhealthy, but they refuse to let go. They contribute to their own victimization and unconsciously cause a negative effect on each other’s mental health. They need to wake up, but instead choose to live in denial while continuously pleading ‘don’t you never put me out.'”

Musically, the song takes on a shimmery pop kind of vibe – reminiscent of Katy Perry, Pink, or Demi Lovato. Fans can expect more new music from X. ARI in the coming months, and can catch her at The Study in Los Angeles tonight – where all her proceeds will be donated to Jack.org.

Listen to “Vapors” below.

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