Winter 2017: Round-Up Playlist


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Feb 28, 2017

2017’s still rather fresh, and from the get-go, there’s been nothing but fire tracks being steadily released! Of all the submissions and new releases I’ve gone through over the past while, some really stood out to me, and I’ve thus compiled a playlist – one to jam out to in your room, on the way to work, or wherever these days may happen to find you. Some tunes feature big names like Stööki SoundTroyBoi and Paris Blohm, whereas others are gems which you may not even know are currently out there, given the sheer size of the industry itself.

This eclectic mix starts off with some house groovers and synth-heavy bangers, and ultimately finds its way into the trap/hip-hop realm near the end. Check out the 10-track playlist, and let it serve as a way to help see you through these last days of winter.



P.S.: 1WayTKT, Paris Blohm, Nazariff, GIIA, & Troyboi x Stööki Sound‘s tracks are all currently available for download!

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