July Talk – Push + Pull (PINEO & LOEB Ft. Ghettosocks Remix)



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Oct 26, 2016


The east coast tends to always produce a high volume of very quality music. This new remix of JULY TALK is no exemption from that rule – the boys have flipped the indie rock tune onto it’s back and added a groove to be reckoned with.

Pineo & Loeb are a producer duo based out of Halifax, NS. Together, they produce a sound that is both disco/electro but also tends to lend itself to a high energy rock oriented audience as well. They bring live instrumentation with them everywhere they go. It’s really something.

Their sound is both refreshing and nostalgic – they dip into a lot of familiar samples and use throwback jams as an anchor in their live set to bring people into their comfort zone.

Check the new remix, featuring east coast hip-hop MC Ghettosocks:

Find P&L on the web:

PINEO & LOEB Facebook

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