KOLAJ x Eric Nam – Into You

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Jun 14, 2016

LA-based electro-rock band KOLAJ has just collaborated with K-Pop artist Eric Nam in their new release “Into You,” creating their own new genre “KTrop”. It’s a perfect summer jam with its tropical and electro-pop derivatives and energetic instrumentals. You’ll probably find yourself singing along with the captivating duet vocals. Check out “Into you” below and read what KOLAJ and Eric Nam had to say about creating “Into You”:

“We first got inspired by the tone of Eric’s voice, it’s breathy but cool in the verse so we wanted to playfully complement each other in a way that felt like we were incomplete without each other. Eric was a big fan of our sound and “The Touch” so we wanted to stay true to the summery water vibe… Mike came up with an idea that Eric liked, and we thought “Diving Into You” would be a perfect concept for this. We only got together for one day and basically turned out the entire song. We were big believers in the song even if it was outside of all of our comfort zones we still wanted to share with the world. K­Pop and Tropical could sound sweet together…perhaps we invented “K­Trop”

Eric adds, “I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with artists that I personally enjoy listening to. KOLAJ are super chill, extremely talented and were a pleasure to make music with.”



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