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Apr 11, 2016


On his new EP coming out this Thursday, Boston-based producer Imagin8 comments that he likes “to think of my sound/this sound as a child with a wild imagination. I keep an open mind when I make this stuff so pretty much anything goes.”

Based on listening to “Adventure Time”, you guy should definitely be excited. The melody that takes up a huge chunk of “Adventure Time” is one that teeters on the edge between extremely childlike and freakishly catchy. It has an almost brassy quality which isn’t quite organic sounding, and that’s what makes it so intriguing. Beyond that, elements of trap, dubstep (?), and some vocal warping makes “Adventure Time” a sustainably interesting and listen-worthy track.

Be sure to check out Imagin8’s entire three-track “High Seas and Childish Dream EP” out via Heroic Recordings on April 16th.


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