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Jan 7, 2016

“Fusing feelsy guitar driven melodies with sophisticated modern beats, Detroit native & Hebinomichi Cofounder, Ahh ooh has come fresh off the tail of his critically acclaimed EP debut, Inamorata. Packing the kind of punches that will leave your head spinning in an ethereal daze of forgotten childhood’s past.
His songs breathe with complex chord structuring laced around sophisticated future beats. Already boasting an impressive catalogue for a project that has seemingly appeared out of thin air, ahh ooh has had a grip of successful releases like an official remix for Skrillex’s scary monsters & nice sprites, support on his most recent EP from Mr. Suicidesheep and his most recent single “Call you up” with Griz guitar player Muzzy Bearr embraced fully by the underground future sound. ”

This EP bumps. Enjoy ~

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