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Nov 3, 2015



100 billion humans have lived and died over the course of history. If ghosts are real, there are 14 of them for every living person. Sometimes I’m convinced that they are real; I feel like I sense them daily — Permeating my skin as I spill my coffee. Exploring the crevices of my lungs as I breathe in and out. […] Slow Burn is about the imprint a person leaves on you after they are gone — The particular shape of their absence. The realization that they are now just as defined by that absence as they once were by their presence.

Crywolf, on Slow Burn

As the final single off his upcoming album before its release, Crywolf’s latest takes on a much darker and sinister tone than its three predecessors. Like Akureyri before it, Slow Burn has a hint of an electronic feel, but also features an R&B and Indie influence in its sound, along with Justin’s melodic vocals, showing that he’s just as talented of a vocalist and lyricist as he is a producer. Cataclasm is set to be released on November 20th.

In the meantime, pre-order the LP, and check out the fourth and final episode of the mini-documentary of Cataclasm’s creation! It gives a glimpse into how isolation is a good source in the creative process.


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