The Police – Message In A Bottle (Kayliox ‘Deep House Remix’)

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Apr 14, 2015


It’s always nice to see producers branch out of their usual sounds and try exploring different avenues and display some versatility in their production which is exactly what Kayliox, best known for their banging future/tech house sound has done for us with their latest remix. Frankly I’m not sure exactly how a tech house remix of ‘Message In A Bottle’ would even work out but I’m not sure it would capture the atmosphere anywhere near what the original intended which is why I was pleased to hear that the French-Canadian duo took a whole new approach to their latest remix.┬áLeaving in place the classic guitar rifts of the track Kayliox opted for a minimalist approach to the song with elements of tropical house as well. Sit back and let the smooth melodies and laid-back feel to the song take you away to a better place than the schoolwork you’re probably looking over as you listen to this beaut.

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