TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy – Press Reset (ft. Amory)

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Apr 8, 2015


A while back we featured the debut of SteLouse x ahh-ooh’s, “Sex Panther” as part of the Hebinomichi launch. Since then, Hebinomichi has delivered ear pleasing, dance inducing tracks that have resulted in a huge and loyal following. Not to be forgotten, the label has called upon industry heavy weights to lay down some crazy beats for Hebinomichi Vol. II.

Featured on the compilation is the craziest, most ridiculous collaboration ever: TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy. “BRUH! THAT SHIT GOES HARD,” says one excited soundcloud user. Another describes it:”its like a marriage of all things awesome. Like a crunch wrap supreme and doritos loco chalupa. WITH EXTRA SOUR CREAM.” If that doesn’t make you play this track, well, swerve. Go eat a freaking panini and drink some mate.

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