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Feb 14, 2014



Clockworks, by Franskild, a duo from Copenhagen, is eerie, bumpin’, and beautiful, all at the same time. The vocals complement the syncopated rhythm and echo and flow as the beat changes. Franskild creates a deep sound that seems like it could even be magical. Sounds bounce off each other like waves in a pond and the as the sound builds as the song takes shape. I like the vocals so much, I almost wish that there were more. Nonetheless, the current balance is still superb, and it suits the song well.
Listening to the lyrics also adds an extra dimension to the song. The voice describes a couple’s breaking up, mending their relationship, and getting back together. The songs echoes the same path: going from breakdown to a full sound, and repeating. This may be reading into to much, but, that’s my prerogative and I’ll do what I want. And that bass tho…

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