KOAN Sound — Dynasty EP


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Apr 2, 2014


How do they do it? Another killer EP, Dynasty, is yet another tour-de-genre. Each song brings its own unique flavor, and the overall sound palette is quite “tasty.” That being said, what really says, “give it to me all night,” is 7th dimension. Though the existence of such a dimension is questionable, there’s no denying the song is sexy.┬áThe growling bass integrates seamlessly into the funky melodies, and boy-oh-boy does it get me going.

The other funky fresh song is, go figure, Infinite Funk. It’s slightly smoother, but just as funky. The slap bass is the highlight of the track, and it adds a level of non-electronic music, that rounds out the sound.

Dynasty, takes a more UK grime approach to production, but KOAN Sound always does well to put their own spin on it, and it grooves nicely as well.
KOAN Sound is proving they’re here to stick around, so watch out world.


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p.s. Take a moment to appreciate all the artwork they upload with their releases. It completes the artistic experience!

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