5 Icy-Hot Tracks to Help Melt Your Winter-Mania

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Feb 27, 2014

I know as you stare out your windows, begging the universe to cease the snow storms, for the sun to shine and for the dead icy grass below to make its feature appearance. Just hold tight, it will resurface. But for now, let these hot and icy tracks melt away your pain. (Or move to California where I am)

Recently, Alex Young remixed a track for Icona Pop, Just Another Night. Firstly, I love Icona. They are perfect in their own sense, but besides that,  this track extorts real catharsis within, pushing me back to my high school years, including but not limited to, the constant enlarged pupils, dark rooms and rave lights.  This track goes off with a heartfelt electro vibe, works it way to an extremely Crystal Castles reminiscent state and ends up in the Hood.  This remix is perfect.

NGHTWRK came out with an original last night titled, Money Jack, which so far as been held dearly to the twerkin’ asses of many. This twerk anthem is all about gettin’ money and shakin’ booty. What else could you need?

This trap go-to artist, SNAILS, releases a fire original, titled, Dirty Raxxx. In this bass heavy, bouncy, bell chimin’ trap certified masterpiece, SNAILS pulls in rapper, Panther for some solid bars. Some solid gold bars.

Dapper, an up and coming DJ out of Los Angeles, releases a remix that I simply can not resist. Full of energy and good vibes, this track makes the cut. Everything about it is right on target from the bassline, to the synth, to the way it makes me move my body when no ones lookin’.

Now this track really topped it all off for me.  The Chainsmokers released this track a little while ago, #SELFIE, and I find it absolutely hilarious and satirical. Really something to lighten ya’ll’s moods.

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