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Dec 13, 2013


Thugli’s first music video was released a few days ago and it is something definitely worth noting.  The song has an absolutely crushing beat but I was skeptical if they could capture the song’s essence in video format which can often be so hard to do.  Directed by Amos Leblanc & Ohji Inoue, the video begins by following a young boy through the hood, Walkman in tow and ends with an all out power trip by two local cops who are bangin’ blow and blockin’ shots.

The cinematography used in the video really transports the viewer and makes it feel as though you are on the court, in the hood or dancing on top of cop car right there with them.  The whole video takes place during one day and the viewer progresses through the action of the day which ends with donuts on a gravel parking lot and blowing lines off the hood of a cop car.   The editing, which is my favorite part, follows the beat of the song, cutting in and out in sync with the heavy drops and beats laid down by the duo that is THUGLI.  Throughout the whole video you do not hear any sounds besides car tires and gunshots letting the song lend all of the sound effects and narration that is needed.  My only question is, what’s the next project?   Enjoi


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