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Dec 20, 2013

The Neighbourhood released their debut album I Love You in April of this year and have been busy touring all over North America since then. Apparently their schedule wasn’t busy enough, so they continued to write and record a brand new album on the road, titled #000000 & #FFFFFF (or Black & White for those of you who aren’t familiar with HTML colour codes). The Neighbourhood frontman, Jesse Rutherford, explained that #000000 & #FFFFFF  is “a diary of songs that are inspired by our thoughts while on the road. It exposes our anxiety, rejoices in our achievement and expresses our ability to create whatever the fuck we want. It’s our freedom to explore popular music as we know it. It’s not us as a band… it’s us as a sound.”

There is no set release date for this project yet, but they have released the first single, titled Silver, and it is quickly becoming a favourite. You can listen to it and download it here.


— tavukciyan

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