Mord Fustang – If You Want



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Sep 5, 2013



At long last, the Estonian prodigy of electro-house has returned. It’s a bittersweet reunion, however, because it’s only a teaser- and what a tease it is.

Honestly, Mord Fustang is unlike any other artist out there. He has an incredibly unique sound and feel to all of his tracks; there’s no way you could possibly mistake them for anyone else’s work. “If You Want” is no exception, and as I sit back and let it play, I found myself with a huge grin across my face. His wild running synths are back in full force, and the distorted edge reminds you on every downbeat that it is, in fact, Mord Fustang. His blend of consistency and innovation are a rare cross, and I could listen to it (and sometimes do) all day.


– Icarus

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