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Mar 26, 2012

Mord Fustang has been quickly climbing up in the world of Electro House. With huge tracks like Super Meat Freeze and A New World, he’s demonstrated again and again that he has the raw talent necessary to be a huge name in the EDM community.

Probably the most notable Estonian producer out there right now, Mord Fustang always impresses with his wild synth work and incredible attention to detail; his songs are always tweaked to perfection on even the most subtle levels. If you listen closely, you’ll almost always hear at least four lines running simultaneously. It’s pretty freaking ridiculous.

In any case, his first EP was released recently. Here we go.

The EP leads (or ends, my iTunes can’t decide which order it wants to put it in) with a track simply entitled “Windmaker”. It’s more reminiscent of some of Mord’s older work, such as Lick the Rainbow, with an incredibly long lead-up to the main section of the song, and with lots of repeating synths banging out a melody for pretty much the entirety of the 6:00 track. It’s good, but there are better songs to come.

Next (again, I might be doing this backwards) comes Super Fever. This song, while still having an obscenely long intro, is closer to tracks like A New World than Windmaker. It’s more upbeat, with vocal chopping and high synths heaped on for good measure.

This track, more than any of the others, kept reminding me how unique Mord Fustang’s style is; you couldn’t possibly mistake his work for that of any other artist out there. And that is a great thing, there’s plenty of cookie-cutter electro out there, we definitely don’t need any more!

Up next comes the eponymous song of the EP, Welcome to the Future. Despite the track probably being the furthest departure from Mord’s previous work, this song is an absolute masterpiece. He scales the energy back a bit in the beginning, but in its place he puts in Skrillex-status vocal rendering, perfectly rounded synths, and ridiculously catchy melodies.

The pure quality of his workmanship blows me away. Everything is perfectly in place, every offbeat hi-hat, every funky synth line, everything down to the smallest detail. Wow.

Finally there’s the aptly named track “The Majestic”. This song takes the cake for craziest synth line, without a doubt. There’s a manic, vaguely Irish sounding synth running through the whole track that honestly just made me want to stand up and jump around for a while.

After listening to Welcome to the Future on repeat a few times, this track was a little underwhelming, but it still must be noted that the craftsmanship is impeccable, even if the synths get a little repetitive by the end. I just can’t get over that synth.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty strong showing for the first EP of an emerging artist such as Mord Fustang. I can’t wait to see how his style evolves and changes, and trust me, this guy is going to be huge.

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